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Home Tech Southshore, Colorado offers house calls and in home technical support services.   When it comes to getting your smart home organized and running efficiently, you can count on Detailed Computer Service for setting up your new computer, speeding up your Internet, and fixing all your home tech issues.

Need a House Call?

Working from home is more important than ever.  We get that.  You may count on us for setting up your

When it comes to working from home in Colorado, you’ve got plenty on your mind.

From finding new clients to managing existing clients, and juggling all of your work, you might sometimes feel that your work is unhinged.  So, when your home computer network starts to act up, and your technology is on the fritz, you likely feel more than a little overwhelmed.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it anymore when you work with the pros at Detailed Computer Service. Not just  IT service, our team of qualified technicians serve home based offices all over Denver, Colorado, including Denver, Aurora, Southshore, and Parker. We can address all of your IT needs, and proactively manage any issues before you even become aware of them. Let us help you keep peace of mind with our complete suite of managed IT services and support services.

The Issues Your Home Office

Our team of techs have worked extensively with home offices, and so we understand your pain points and frustrations.

Home Tech Southshore, Colorado

We’re happy to stop by your home in person and work with you one-on-one to identify, diagnose, and solve the problem. Don’t need us there in person? No problem, with remote response, we can work with your IT system remotely to get you back in working order.

Home Tech Services

Amazon Echo Setup and Support

Our technicians are expertly trained to setup Amazon Echo devices and connect them to all other compatible products. We’ll come to you and show you how Alexa can help you throughout your day. We’ll help unbox, connect to your WiFi, install the software, set up your preferred Alexa skills, and debug any problem you come across with the device. We’re your go-to Amazon Echo experts in Aurora! We offer installation and training for all Amazon Echo devices.


Service includes:

  • Setup of Amazon Echo device(s)
  • Configuration of Amazon Echo device(s)
  • Install and set up your Amazon Alexa voice search and actions
  • Training on Amazon Echo app
  • Connecting additional Smart Home products
  • Demonstrate Amazon Echo functionality


Smart Device Hook-up

Smart devices make your life easier, but setting them is often difficult. Detailed Computer Service can help with that. Our experts install smart light bulbs, video doorbells, thermostats, security systems, garage doors, water leak detectors, and more!

  • Set up and configure your smart device
  • Connect the smart device to a mobile application or smart hub
  • Demonstrate proper smart device functionality


Roku Setup & Support

Need help setting up or fixing your Roku? Our technicians will come to you to get your shows and movies streaming in no time. We’ll help unbox, connect to your TV, install the software, set up your preferred apps, and debug any problem you come across with the device. We’re your go-to Roku experts!


Service includes:

  • Hook up your Roku
  • Connect your Roku to the TV & Internet
  • Perform first-time software set up
  • Install and set up your Roku apps
  • Demonstrate Roku functionality
  • Troubleshoot any Roku problems


Our service area covers Centennial, Aurora, Parker, Colorado, and the nearby communities.


New WiFi Connection Setup

  • Service includes:
  • Configure and secure a router
  • Create a secure network
  • Coordinate setup preferences
  • Connect peripheral devices to the network
  • Install and configure wireless connections






WiFi and Network Connectivity Support and Troubleshooting

Service includes:

  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues
  • Install and configure network cards and wireless connections
  • Configure and secure a router
  • Create a secure network
  • Coordinate setup preferences
  • Connect peripheral devices to the wireless network
  • Measure your internet speed and connectivity.


Work From Home Setup and Configuration

Measure your internet speed and connectivity.

Ensure WiFi signal in your home is strong so you don’t have any needless interruptions. Examine your computer’s security protocols, make sure they’re up to date.

Ensure that all your critical peripherals are connected, working and that you know how to use them including: Printers, Webcams, Monitors, Monitor stands, Wireless keyboards and Wireless Mouse.


New Computer Setup

  • Perform system updates
  • Remove unwanted programs
  • Help setup user accounts
  • Test hardware and software functionality
  • Optimize computer startup
  • Setup user profiles



Detailed Computer Service Mission: Provide quality computer pre-sales advice, parts, upgrades, and repair services to end users and businesses in the Greater Denver area.

Detailed Computer Service in South Aurora, Colorado is your local source for computer sales, parts, and repair. Our team offers professional expertise and experience with small firm service in South Aurora, Colorado.  Sales, Parts, and service for new and used PCs, Computers, tablets, phones, accessories, and parts.

Our full tech repair and service center offers FREE diagnostics, and can fix, solve issues and install component repair and upgrades. Have a discussion with our techs to get an evaluation of your computer problems. Take a look at our used computer and laptop inventory.

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